Cabela's "The World's Foremost Outfitter®," offers top quality products at a fair price with the highest level of customer service for the outdoor enthusiast. Product selection includes hunting, fishing, camping, marine, clothing, footwear, home furnishings and gift items.

• NCOA'd and address corrected quarterly

• 30% Female
• Average unit of sale $130.00 • 70% Male
• 5,000 Minimum Test • Direct Mail/Space
• Monthly Updating

Name counts are through December 2016
Quantity Description CPM
4,651,810 Buyers Base (24 Month) $95/M
880,890 Recency (30 Day) +$20/M
1,427,250 Recency (3 Month) +$15/M
1,889,270 Recency (6 Month) +$10/M
2,678,550 Recency (12 Month) +$5/M
  Inquiries Base (24 Month) $70/M
9,320 Recency (30 Day) +$20/M
25,110 Recency (3 Month) +$15/M
49,690 Recency (6 Month) +$10/M
101,950 Recency (12 Month) +$5/M

Selections CPM
Product Select $10/M
Dollar Select $15/M
New-to-File Select $10/M
Credit Card Select $10/M
Multi-Buyers Select $10/M
Zip $8/M
States/SCF $5/M
Gender $5/M
Run Charges $10/M
Key Coding $3/M
Zip+4 No Charge
P/S Labels $10/M
Cheshire Labels $4/M
E-mail $50.00
Diskette $75.00
Rush Charge $85.00
Net name arrangement available with $10/M running charge
Average Income: $93,000

Minimum Order
Quantity: 5,000

Average Age 51

Reuse is not allowed without permission

Telemarketing is not allowed

Charges: $75.00 /F
Note: Any file manipulations MUST be indicated on the list rental order. This includes overlays, retention of output information, pre-screening, and any other action altering the merge/purge input and eventual output.

Additional Information: Payment Due 30 Days After Mail Date
20% Commission to Recognized Brokers
Sample Required

Cancellation Fees:

All rentals are on a reciprocal basis
$75.00 Flat Fee No telemarketing allowed
$12/M Run Charge No e-mail promotions or email appending
Shipping and Media Charge to the list rental file is allowed